About Us

Edward AllenI have been building websites for over 20 years, during which time I’ve been involved in many enormously successful projects. I started out as a computer and network technician, but illness forced me to stay at home during which time I learned HTML and JavaScript, which changed my life. I built some websites for local businesses and gained valuable experience in promoting these sites to achieve prominence in Google organic search. I also learned how to implement and manage successful paid search (PPC) campaigns using both Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter (Bing).

Today I have a team of young professionals who are all passionate about digital communications, marketing, web design and social media. Between us we manage a portfolio of highly profitable websites operating in a variety of markets including clothing retail, automotive, jewellery and wholesalers. We love to talk to new businesses and start ups in order to provide the benefit of our expertise and then see them achieve the success which they are aiming for.

We also recognize that life is a lot more than working hard so we endeavor to make time for our families, take holidays and get involved in local community projects. Personally, I volunteer at a local community museum where I setup their website along with their computer network and I like to relax by making embossed greetings cards which are then sold to raise funds for charities.