Best Practices of Email Marketing

Doubtlessly, Email is the best service used on the Internet, and it is useful too. Most of the people use the internet only to check their emails. Email marketing will be useful if we have done right or it would give harm instead of benefits. In order ensure Email marketing, there are things to be done to get success in it. Here are the best practices, we provide you in this article.

emailThe most important issue in email marketing today is deliverability. Many spam emails are flagged as spam, and they are not delivered properly. You don’t have an email campaign if your emails are not delivered properly. The first step to getting success in email marketing is to have good deliverability. We have to choose our email marketing vendors honestly, in order to have good deliverability. Blacklist or Whitelist has to be checked if your emails are there in it or not. There are many organizations that have their lists; those are used by ISP, like SpamAssasin and Spamhaus project. Your emails will not be delivered if your email service provider is whitelisted or blacklisted. We have to ensure whether our domain name is blacklisted or not.

It is very important to offer the visitors to select if they want to receive the email newsletter in plain-text or HTML format. It is meant that we should send both the types on a regular basis. We can get more benefits by sending HTML newsletters than plain-format newsletters. HTML newsletters look like the real websites because they have the better click-through ratio. With image embedding, we can use email tracking in an HTML newsletter. We can hide the URLs also by using this.

From and subject fields are also important for getting the best open ratio and by doing so we will have a successful email campaign. We have to remember a few steps.

• From field is to be consistent. We have to choose one name, whether it would be the personal name or a company name and we constantly have to use it. Our open rates will decline once we change the From field.

• And the next thing is the Subject field. It has to grab the attention of your subscribers. It has to be catchy and short.

The very important thing in maintaining successful email campaign is timing. The best time for sending the emails are the days from Tuesday to Thursday. But, it doesn’t mean that if they sent on Sundays, then it won’t have success in an email campaign. You probably know yourself that, after a weekend, we have some consultation with our management about the task and the weekly plans on Monday. People use to come earlier on Friday, and they won’t open their inbox. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days for mailing.

Depending upon your content, you have to send the email newsletters often. We can send the email newsletter once in a month if the newsletter is about the current industry news.

We have to check the click-through ratio to know how many of them opened the emails. And finally we have to confirm how many people purchased our product, and then only we could know whether our email campaign was successful or not.