Financial Coaching – The Cure For Ridding You of Your Money Worries

“What a man is contributes much more to his happiness than what he has, or how he is regarded by others.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

It is amazing how, at a very young age you begin striving for independence and a sense of identity. As a young child you were very anxious to be able to do things for yourself – to show mom and dad that “I’m able to do it, see I did it on my own Financial coach!”

This quest for independence and to distinguish yourself from others most time happens without you recognizing that at the core we all have the same struggles and challenges. And in no area is this more evident than with money.

All of us crave financial independence and it makes no difference whether you have money or you don’t. The billionaire is just as concerned about financial independence as the person who lives paycheck to paycheck. And this is why it’s so very important for us to have a proper perspective about our finances .

And there is no time like now, as the current global economic conditions has frightened not only the poor but the rich. The rich are afraid because these recessionary times are more destablizing and cuts across every sector of the economy and social classes.

Resulting in money and the economy being the sources of stress for an overwhelming percentage of the population and has contributed to more suicide this year- Not even the ultra-rich are exempt.

If you have very little money it may sound ridiculous to you but money can creates complications for those that have. The challenge of coping with:

addiction to money,
guilt for having wealth, and
family tensions over inheritance.
And now coping with fear of being on the brink of financial ruin. You see about 75 percent of the world’s wealthy have earned their money, not inherited it. So they know what it is to be without money and the thought of going back to being without money is causing a great deal of anger, anxiety and depression all fueled by the what they are watching on television and reading in the newspaper.

It is very important for you to realize that everyone is impacted by money, and its really no different no matter where you are on the spectrum. According to psychiatrist a billionaire who loses half his net worth has the same reaction in the brain that a poor person who loses his or her home does – a “biochemical cascade” that produces profound feelings of disappointment and failure.

While you may feel that this is ridiculous as his fortune still exceeds $500 million for the person experiencing it, it is really devastating. And why you find yourself saying “I don’t understand it, he had everything going for him!” When a young life is tragically lost to suicide.

This is why no matter your economic status financial coaching is the cure for ridding you of your money worries. As financial coaching will allow you to:

Talk about your fears in a nonjudgmental setting
Understand that your fears are not unique to you
Cope with additions and guilts
Discover the positives in your life
Get another prospective on what you may be experiencing
Get nonjudgemental support
Get clarification of current financial position and possible option
Get clarity on pending decision.

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